Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday's DIY lavender pouches for coat hangers

I had to think a lot about today's DIY because finding one about coats wasn't that easy. I mean I embelished a vest before so that wouldn't have been the most original idea and I obviously couldn't have taught you how to make a coat yourselft because well, that would have required a pattern and uploading the whole thing here in the right size would've been rather tricky.
So I looked in my wardrobe for some inspiration wenn my eyes fell on the coat rack over which I had hung a lavender pouch my dear Croatian friend gave me. I love smelling pouches, mainly because they always smell so good and make everything else in the closet smell so nicely but also because they always looks so nice. That's why I decided to make a DIY on them.

A mix of rice and dried lavender (2 on 1)

Scraps of fabric (the size depends on what size you want your pouches to be..)

 Thread (Embroidery thread will do but it looks nicer when you choose one which does not break up into lots of little strings) and string to sew the pouches together.
 Cardboard templates of the shapes you would like your pouches to have (hearts, flowers and stars are some classics but you can make anything-from animals, letters-anything really...)

Step 1
Put the template on two pieces of fabric which lie on top of eachother. Then mark around the template (with any kind of pen you can see on the fabric or chalk) and then cut out that shape.
Step 2
Put the right sides of your two pieces together and then sew around the edge. Make sure you leave a part open so you can stuff it later.
Step 3 
Turn your pouch over so the left side is on the outside and the seam is on the inside. Then proceed to put the mixture of rice and lavender into the pouch. Make sure you do not put too much in because otherwise you will not be able to do the next steps! 
Step 5
Cut off a piece which is about 20 cm long from the embroidery thread and lay the ends into the pouch.
Step 4
Now sew (it is better to do this part with a machine but I'm sure you'll manage it also by hand) around the edges of your shape (including the part which you left open before) to seal the pouch and attach the thread.
and you're done! :D you can add some decorations, like embroidery or beads or whatever to your pouch and then hang it over a coat hanger :D Enjoy your pouch!
xoxo Alex

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