Friday, August 31, 2012

Applique Shirt

Hello! I started off making this design with just an idea for a pattern. Then I transfered it on to a shirt for which I then designed a whole outfit-which turned out to be a little cowgirlish looking. I kind of like that.
The pattern itself is simple but relatively delicate however through the outfit it is basically given a very casual, rough kind of effect. The shirt was combined with some high sitting jeans, leather laced boots and a simple brown jacket.
xoxo Alex

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Necklace love

Hey everyone! Today's design is something I've always wanted to try and basically everyone does with bracelets all the time. Just pile lots of different lengthed necklaces together to achieve an amazing, casual effect.
The necklaces are (from shortest to longest) basically a kind of scarf thing with a bow at the end, a middle length necklace with an interestingly shaped pendant, a longer one with a big fabric end piece and a long necklace with a little bow on the side and some big pearls all over.
Btw-don't you think she is kind of bavarian looking with her hair like that and the bangs? I like the way she turned out :D
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Step up outfits

Hello guys! Today's outfit, well outfits, are not of my usual ones. I was inspired to do these after watching Step up which weill probably explain a lot.
The girl's outfit is a simple red bustier top and some extremely low sitting comfortable sweat pants. The man has some simple low sitting trousers and a simple black shirt. Both of them wear a simple hoodie over their outfits.
xoxo Alex

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleeveless blouse and red trousers

Hello! In the last few months the sleeveless blouse has gradually gained a lot of popularity. Depending on the color and the styling, it can finish the conservative beige look with a pastel pencil skirt or as in this case be the top piece of a more rockerstyle outfit.
The blouse was loosely tucked into the lowfitting red pants and the leather accessoires add to the comfortable look.
xoxo Alex
PS: Yes, I also noticed her left elbow looks crippled and her hand is kind of invisible :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hippie skirt with jeans vest

Hey everyone-I absolutely love the concept f today's skirt and as soon as I find the awesome maxi skirt I'm looking for I'll definitely try this out.
It is as I already mentioned a long skirt in a very bright, firery fabric and a simple blue, a little oversized jeans vest. in the sketch I just left the outfit like that but you could definitely add lots of big jewelery (nothing intricate-it would just get lost in the oufit) and maybe a hat or a bandana.
xoxo Alex

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Navy Blue Coat

Hello fellow readers! My inspiration for this design (you know it from the header by the way) came to me in a Store when I was touring the city of Venlo with ma friend Andie, which was amazing but also very expensive (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! :D).
It is (for my standards) a very short navy blue coat with two rows of buttons. In this case it is worn with skinny black leather trousers and some leather boots.
Hope you like and comment and share it! :D
xoxo Alex

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leather Satchels

Hey guys! This is definetely one of my favorite designs yet! I got the idea for this in an AMAZING vintage store in Düsseldorf (see "Inspiration").
It is basically a very stiff leather satchel which you wear either around the neck (like a polaroid camera-I have no clue why a polaroid camera but you get my point) or over the shoulder.
xoxo Alex
PS: don't you also love the way her hair turned out? ; )

Friday, August 24, 2012

Black and white long-shirt

Hello everyone! Today's design picks up my looooove for blouses :D
It is very long-until the knees and worn as a dress. The cool thing about it is how the colors are alternated on each side. You could wear it just plain like this or play around with some belts (a broad one on the waist line or a thin one loosely around the hips) or colorful brooches.
xoxo Alex

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pink Fake Fur Coat

Hey everyone! Today's design was supposed to be something very different at first. I wanted to make a kind of school uniform-you know pleated skirt with a blouse, but the shirt unbuttoned and revealing a torn rocker kind of shirt as a kind of rebelious act-ok I know that sounds a little rediculous but I'm sure it would have looked good if the pleated skirt hadn't turned out vicously deformed and the loose shirt hadn't looked so stiff. So I decided to make the collar into a fake fur one and cut the skirt out. I think it turned out quite well don't you think?
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High waisted jeans and "Inspire" shirt

Hey guys! What's up? (yep I ask that question a lot and they is no real answer to it apart from nothing much but it sound so good after the "Hey" XD sorry! :D)
Today my design is basically very similar to something I found in the shops the other day( I was with my good friend from the Czech Republic-Andie-check out her awesome blog!). I liked it so much that I though I could draw something with it to put on here so here ya go! :)
The basis are the high waisted jeans with the three buttons at the top. Combined with the colorful tanktop which says "Inspire" (very deep-I know :P) and some laced leather boots anyone who wears hotpants could pull this off! I would love to see it when it is combined with a rocker shirt, short (!) leather jacket and some higher laced boots.
I hope you like it and share it with everyone you know! :D
xoxo Alex

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flower print jacket

Hey! Once when I was on a shopping trip with my friend from the Netherlands we were in The Sting and I found this jacket which I liked immediately. I didn't buy it because there were some things I didn't like about it-like it didn't have buttons so you couldn't close it and the sleeves weren't right. This is my take on that kind of jacket.
Again it has a high collar (with which I seem to freakin be in love with lately...) and from there, it is cut very straight down-kind of like the Chanel jackets but way longer so you can wear low sitting trousers under it. The thing that makes it stand out is the rough floral print (I know in the picture it is just scribbels but they are supposd to be flowers..).
I would love to see this jacket combined with some kind of rocker style outfit-big leather boots, bandana and some kind of black, ripped T-shirt. It could be the feminine replacement for the leather-jacket! :D
xoxo Alex

Monday, August 20, 2012

Red and white peplum blouse

Hi! Today's outfit features something very popular this season-the peplum blouse. The peplum is basically a piece of fabric which is added at the bottom of the blouse or at the top top of the skirt. It is ruffled at the top so it fans out at the bottom. This visually slims the waist and adds to the hips, which makes the whole silhouette very feminine.
In this case the peplum is added to the blouse and the fabric matches with the fabric of the ribbon which is tied at the collar. The blouse is combined with a simple, classic pencil skirt.
This outfit has a very businessy style but peplums can also be used in a very casual or even rocker kind of style. Maybe I'll do a post with a different type sometime.
xoxo Alex

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oversized brown coat

Hello everyone! I like today's design because I can identify myself with it very well. It looks a little bit as if it was from the "comme des garcons" 2012 winter/fall collection (which I absolutely adore by the way).
Basically it is an oversized brown, classic cut men's coat with a notch lapel and simple slits for pockets.
What I love doing with these kind of clothes, which have a very clear and defined style (in this case it is very masculine and baggy), is to mix it with something which has a completly different style. So you could eather wear it, as in the picture, with baggy trousers or combine it with a short, strapless and very colorful cocktail dress (or anything else in a more girly style-hotpants and a top for example). Then you achieve that you have contrasts which is the basis for any interesting outfit.
xoxo Alex

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Lips Portrait

Hey guys-I know this isn't really a fashion design like I usually do them but I though you might enjoy it anyway. I was inspired to this design at a Dutch train station and I knew exactly how I wanted it. Then I just had to bring it to paper.
There is not much to say about her-she has long blong hair braided to one side, has a dark brown hat and is wearing very dark sunglasses. My favorite detail is the bright red lipstick which accentuates the her feminine side.
xoxo Alex

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scribbly Blazer

Hey guys :D The inspiration for this piece had an unlikely source-I was watching the olympics when the camera swayed over the audience and a spectator was wearing a similar blazer-I fell in love with the concept immeadiatly.
The design has a closed collar, puffy shoulders and goes pretty far down. The cool thing about it, is the fabric which has black scribbles all over. This simple concept  has a huge effect and is the eyecatcher to your outfit.
You can either wear it in black and white or add some colorful accents for example with a bright red maxi-bag.
xoxo Alex

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funky Blazer

Hey everyone! This post is for one of my very special friends and fans :D It is funky and very colorful-the unique eyecatcher to your outfit.
Again it is a simple and classic cut but the patterns and the colors make it stand out and special.
You can style this to suite any occasion-it could be casual with a pair of jeans, some flats and maybe a necklace or business-like with a a pencil skirt and classic pumps-just don't overdo it with the styling because the piece itself is already very bright. This outfit is a simple black tank-top, black leather trousers and high red sandals.
I hope you like it!
xoxo Alex

Military Inspired Outfit

Hey everyone! The inspiration for today's outfit came from a movie-"Across the Universe" (I wrote a little bit more about it on my Inspiration page). It took place during the Vietnam War so lots of people had uniforms. For some reason the clear and practical shapes and cuts led me to do my own version. What fascinates me about them is that when you are wearing uniform, you are no longer an individual-you are part of a whole, whether you like it or not.
It consists of high-necked jacket, long trousers and a helmet.
xoxo Alex
PS:if you have any ideas about what you would like me to design, designers you find inspiring or just things you would like to tell me-feel free to comment!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

80s inspired outfit

Hello! Remember that one post where I demonstrated how you could style that blue summer dress? I don't know whether you noticed but that was the first time there was an actual head on the figure with hair and eyes and mouth and everything. Well I kind of liked having a head on them so from now on all of my "models" have faces!
So this 80s inspired outfit consist of a simple baggy top, some high waisted jeans shorts, boots with laces and a leather bag to finish it of. I basically built this around the jeans because aparently they were very modern at that time and I wish they would become modern again-I love them!
Of course this is not the only way to style them-you could make them a lot more feminine by wearing ballerinas or high heels and maybe a colorful cardigan to go with it.
xoxo Alex

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Waterfall Cocktail Dress

Hi everyone! This peace is a little bit of a classic but I think it has so much effect that I decided to put it on here.
As the name already suggest this about knee long dress has a waterfall neckline which of course for a party is very flattering.
Just combine it with a pair pumps, maybe a simple necklace with a pendant and a clutch and you're ready to go!
xoxo Alex

Monday, August 13, 2012

Purple Evening Robe

Hi Guys! As I said yesterday, in today's design I tried to incoperate the doodle from yesterday and well-you'll see how it turned out.
This piece is a long assymetrical (so only over one shoulder) evening robe. On the left side the fabric is gathered behind the flower to make radial folds which strech over the whole whole robe and give it the shape.
This is definetly a dress only for very special occasions and only to be worn with very high heels! :D
xoxo Alex

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flower doodle

Hi! Today's design is not so much a piece of fashion-it is just one of my frequent doodles which turned out pretty well so I decided to post it. I kind of tried to intergrate it to a dress (which will appear on here tomorow) and well, apart from that there is not much to say about it! I hope you like it-
xoxo Alex

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Colorful Silk trousers

Hey guys! Now to end this series of dresses-I have some trousers for you today! Again they are eyecatchers-have to be styled careful but can be worn to an infinite amount of occasions :D I'll tell you later how!
So here we go. They have an elastic waste band (nice and comfy) and the actual pantlegs start quite far down like it is very in this year. And then it stripes in all colors all over it-actually a quite simple design but due to the colors a piece of extravagance.
As I said earlier depending on the styling this piece is perfect for any occasion-high heels, a simple top and some fancy jewelery for a day out, or some worn out chucks and a simple top for just hanging out with friends. Just don't overdo it with the styling otherwise it gets too much!
xoxo Alex

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue summer dress

Hey guys! I do realize this is the third dress in a row but I can'T help it-I love them! (and I promise tomorow will be something different..) Again with this design I was thinking  about what you could wear when there is a blazing hot sun shining down on you.
It is light, simple and flowing, with a classic v-neck and a playful skirt.
There are lots of ways to style this classic piece-you could leave it simply as it is with ballerinas, add some jewelery and pumps to make it more chic or (something I would LOVE to try) when it is colder wear a big baggy wollen sweater over it with a long necklace with a pendant on it, some kind of sunglasses, tights and leather high top boots with laces. (When I wrote that I realized that it was kind of hard to understand what I mean just by reading the description so I made a quick sketch to show the outfit)

xoxo Alex

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rainbow Stretch Dress

Hello all of you! As the title already suggest-I was feeling colorful when I came up with this design-it is definetly something which attracts the attention.
Because of the bright colors, I left the cut very simple. It has a flattering round neckline and goes until just over the knees. The red border on the neckline and the hem at the bottom also calm the design and round the whole thing up.
With this dress you have to be very careful with the styling, stick to reserved colors to preserve the wow-effect for the dress.
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Green summer dress

Hey guys! Today's design is a very easy and simple design for hot summer days when you want something light and easygoing.
The dress has a v-neck which goes down until the bottom of your bust where the fabric is ruffled to make the light and playful skirt.Oh and by the way-go green! :D
Depending on how you style this piece it could be perfect for a stroll at the beach combined with nothing but flip flops or with some jewelery and pumps for a hot summer night-out in the streets of your city.
xoxo Alex

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surfer's outfit

Hello all of you! I have a treat for you today! :D Yes-3 Designs in one post.... So here we go.
As you can probably imagine the inspiration for this came to me on holiday where I did lots of sailing and well, at the place where all of the equipment was there was always one girl who looked awesome. Long, curly, firery red hair, always in a neckholder bikini top and bathing shorts at the bottom. That was my inspiration.

The two designs on the right were inspired by the palm trees with those spikey leaves. The trousers go until the knee, like boys swim trousers. I simply love the boyish effect they have!
The one on the left is a little more feminine and it also solves on problem you have with the long trousers-if you keep going out into the sun in those, at some point you will have a line on your legs-under it you will be tanned but over you'll stay white which means that short skirts and dresses are a no-go for a while!
I hope you like them!
xoxo Alex

Monday, August 6, 2012

Green Stewardess' Outfit

Hello! I told you I flew recently and well-when I saw all those outfits our stewardesses (no flattering cuts and very weird colors) I decided that I should really design some of my own ones :D So here we go.
It is a quite classic idea. A white blouse, green trousers and a green tie. It was important to me that even the female design had trousers because when you bend down in a short skirt to find the new coke bottle right at the bottom of your cart it can reveal certain things you would usually not like to show to all passengers.And well-what I probably love most about it are the colors-GO GREEN!
xoxo Alex

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Purple Panel Dress

Hey everyone! What I've got for you today is probably a couture piece and definetly not suitable for daily use. Before I can talk about why it appeals to me so much I have to tell you what it is because I'm afraid you can only see the general impression on the sketch...
So as you see it is a ballroom dress with a wide skirt at the bottom. It is made of lots of purple square metal (yes-metal) panels with are set in rows to make the wonderfully round shape of this dress.
Despite reminding you of chain mail with which you asocciate the harsh battles of the medieval times, it still is a verysoft, feminine design and I love this controversy of material and effect.
xoxo Alex

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Black winter coat

Hi! Yes I know-it is August, I just had 10 days of intense sunshine but still...this post is a winter coat-I was in the icy plane when I drew this! So here we go. I was leafing through a fashion magazine when I had the idea for this and originally it was supposed to be a classic cape but for some reason the cape didn't turn out very well so I made it a jacket.
The collar is a very classic high-necked coat collar but then just underneath the bust there are lots of folds which open into a wide skirt until the knee.
I like this design because I can imagine the silhouette of a young girl who hurries through the cold city with the coat flowing behind her. Don't you see it?
xoxo Alex

Friday, August 3, 2012

Colorful Pouch

Hey all of you dear readers! I hope you're doing fine-I certainly am because I just came back from a 10 day vacation-finally some sun!!! This pouch was inspired by all those colorful hippie patterns which appeared everywhere just in time for the festival season.
It is quite small and handy, with a long metal chain to go over the shoulder. It provides space for all the important things you need without being bulky or in the way.
Depending on your styling it can be a part of your colorful hippie outfit or the glamourous addition to you little black dress.
I love it!
xoxo Alex

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long purple coat

Heyho! I hope you're doing good!
Today's design is again an item of clothing which I looooove-long coats. Everytime I put some on they give me a sense of security and add to my self-esteem. That is probably why I have 3 of them hanging in my wardrobe!
This one is a rather plain cut which was spiced up through color. Apart from the bright pink collar fold which goes right down to the end, it is dark purple.
The coat is for chilly days in fall, when you go on a shopping trip or a casual night out.
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey! This is (along with the Overall from a few days ago) probably my favorite piece so far! Very colorful, very original-I like it!
It is basically a very simple jumper with a black collar. The awesomeness is added by the colorful pattern on the actual sweater.
It is the unique centerpiece of your outfit which could be worn basically everywhere. I just love these kind of designs...
xoxo Alex

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