Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a closer look at shoes and feet+a pair of walking boots

Hi there!
As I said yesterday, I chose this weeks theme because I want to imrpove my drawings of feet, especially when you draw them on a person who is standing facing you. THis is often quite tricky because the shape of the foot is kind of disorted because of the angle you look at it-i.e. it is kind of squashed (so it doesn't look as long as it really is). Quite frankly this confuses me everytime I drew feet so here we go-we are going to tackle this problem!
I hinted yesterday that I looked at some videos which explain how to do this. Some good ones can be found here, here and here.
On the right you can see my favorite view-I love how the toes are so round and cute XD (pls don't ask me why!).
However obviously as this is kind of a fashion blog I also drew some with shoes. The first attempts were very horrible and only one turned out to be quite ok so here you go!

Ok so one more naked foot :D it is kind of a side diagonal view with illustrates quite well the distortion (can you actually say that? I just know it from guitar...) of the foot.
And then here's the pair of shoes. They are walking shoes which are quite bulky but I htough it would be a good idea to start of with them because of the laces and everything.
Have a nice evening!
xoxo Alex

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