Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Navy blue pencil skirt

Heyho! Believe it or not, my next design was inspired by my old french teacher (amazing person by the way). She wore a navy blue pencil skirt with a broad waistband. I absolutely fell in love with it and now here is my own version. I made some changes but it is still quite similar.
I kept the high waistband and added the belt with the puffy bow in the front. Then I have two rather big pockets on the sides and the design is completed with the 4 different sizeds folds at the front.
Combined with a white blouse and some ballerinas this would make the cutest outfit.
xoxo Alex

Monday, July 30, 2012

Colorblocked Pumps

Hey! YES-another shoe! Very different from the first one though!
Remember when colorblocking was so popular and you could basically find it everywhere? Well-I liked that time so here is my first colorblocking pump.
I started off with an idea for a sandal which (where now the red parts are) was open but I didn't really like it that way. So basically I closed it there and colored the new parts red.
You could spice any outfit up with this shoe, whether it is a black dress or jeans with a simple T-shirt. You could wear it to work or to a night out. Again another very adaptable design.
xoxo Alex

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi everyone! I can't wait to present this design to you guys! It is a jumpsuit inspired by the ones which were in the Vogue a few weeks ago.
What makes it so awesome is the high collar, which gives it a bit of a "mission impossible" feeling and the very straight shoulders. The feminine figure is then preserved by the broad waistband.
Originally it was purple but somehow on the photo it turned out differently. For some reason I like it like this as well though!
xoxo Alex

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Leather boot

Hello! I thought about whether to post this for rather a long while but then I decided I do actually like it so I'll put it up.
Its origin was a little doodle on the top of my page and then I tried to enlarge it to fill the whole paper but in the end I liked the doodle better. 

It is a leather boot whose shaft ends just after the ancle. A very simply design which, depending on how you tie the laces and look casual or more businesslike. I myself have a pair similar to this and I love it dearly!
xoxo Alex

Friday, July 27, 2012

Blue Blazer

Hi! Again I have quite a classic piece for you today:a blazer. I love this item of clothing very very dearly and in my wardrobe there are about 4 of them. Simply because they are so adaptable. They can look sporty, businesslike, classic or rockerstyle.
This specific example is a classic cut in bright blue (You might have noticed I like bright colors :D) . It goes down quite long and has a dark blue collar which accentuates the neckline.
It is perfect for pimping up any outfit which lacks color or originality and that is why it is one of my favorite pieces.
xoxo Alex

Green sheath dress

Heyo. So here's why it's green sheath dress time today: They're awesome! Depending on the rest of your outfit they can me super cute with ballerinas and a clutch for a party with friends or more business style with pumps and a blazer.
The concept is simple. A very straight dress with long folds coming from the neckline. The best part of it is, is the color though. It makes the dress an eye-catcher!
This dress could be the center piece of your outfit for so many occasions!
Hope you like it!
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey! If I've wanted to knit something ever since I could knit, it is a poncho. They must be so comfortable and warm-I really would like to have one once.
This design is a mexican inspired design whose principle is really very easy. They are basically triangles lined up next to each other but the repetition makes it a very interesting pattern. The bright red boarder gives the whole thing a clear shape and calms the design down a little.
On cold winter nights this would be the perfect thing to cuddle up in with a book or infront of the TV.
And by the way-yes I know it is July but I don't seem to have gotten into the summer feeling yet :D
xoxo Alex


Hello-it's me! Yesterday I posted that summer dress with the brooch. Well I liked the general idea of a brooch like that so much that I figured I could make a whole post about it. So here we go.
The middle piece is a simple black button (ever since I did an art project with hundreds of different buttons I'm in loooove with them so you'll probably see quite a few of them in the future) which is surrounded by lots of different colored petals in different shapes. They basically form 3 different flowers which are arranged on top of each other.
You can wear this brooch with SOOO many different outfits. You could add it as a little detail on your hobo bag, you could stick it onto your classic sheath dress or pin it to your dark winter cloak to add a little spring to your outfit.
xoxo Alex

Monday, July 23, 2012

Girly summer dress

Heyo! I hope you're all doing fine. Now you know that I'm not really that type but I think that everyone has the right to be girly sometimes. Thats the reason for this dress.
Due to the circle skirt  it conveys a light and floating, a little princessy feeling. The top is held simple and a broad strip seperates top and bottom  and underlines the waist line. The highlight is the big brooch which looks like a messy flower.
If you want to keep up the girlyness you could combine it with ballerinas. I could very well imagine it with vintage cowboyboots and a few leather bracelets, which would add a more cool side to the outfit.
xoxo Alex

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red silk blouse

Hello there. The other day I was looking through some magazines and was inspired by all the beautiful light silky fabrics which are so modern this year.
The next design took a while until I was satisfied with it. The main part is the red silk blouse with the  high neckline and the buttons going all the way up to the throat. It is a very simple and straight cut which was spiced up by all the little folds at the collar. I love the way it is so feminine even though it is such a masculine design!
It could be combined to a high pencil skirt or for more casual occasions with low sitting trousers.
xoxo Alex

Saturday, July 21, 2012


So. Here we go-my first blog post. I sat down this morning armed with my sketchbook, a pencil, a few crayons and a fineliner. I looked out of the window. It was one of those typical days-not really sunny, not raining though. And what does one need on those days? Yes-of course a trenchcoat. So I took up my pencil and set to work.
The result was this. A relatively simple, classic design which was made interesting because the inside is black, meaning the collar and the handcuffs s accentuate the masculine origin of this coat. Through the belt (also black) which underlines waist, the feminine side of the wearer was preserved.
A multifunctional classic, perfect for a shopping trip in the city or a night out with friends.
I hope you like my first post!
xoxo Alex

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