Monday, October 22, 2012

Inspirational Monday-Shoemania!!

Hi everyone!
You might have noticed-I cannot draw feet. All the shoes/feet on my figurines from the front look crippled. SO-I decided to do something about it! This week is going to be all about shoes and feet!
I already did some research and watched some videos on "how to draw feet" and "how to draw shoes" (just type it into youtube and you'll find plenty-I especially like the ones by Mark Crilley despite his Manga kind of style).
So here we go ladies (and gents of course! XD)-it is shoe time! :D

Making this collage was a little more complicated than the others. For one I started off with the an extra booklet on accessoires from some issue of I knew that ELLE is not my favorite magazine because for some reason most of the things in their just don't....inspire me I guess but I would have thought that you would find some nice shoes is the accessoire extra...apparently this is not the case so it took me quite some time (and a few other magazines - which didn'T have much either because there are not many shoes or if, they are very small).
So anyway. It took a long time so enjoy :D
xoxo Alex
PS: yes I did notice that two thirds of the shoes are high heels...sorry about that-seriously I do not encourage foot injuries XD- but they are just so darn awesome :D but there are also awesome alternatives (apart from Ballerinas) like the leather laced boots (<3) and those masculine kind of shoes which I absolutely adore!!
PPS: check out the new additions to the Motivation Page!

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