Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laced neon Plateau heels :D

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all doing good-I am even though I see to be quite cold because here in Germany, fall has decided to kick in (one day 20°C-7°C the next...) and I'm not really into the the warm clothes mode yet :D
I was inspired to today's shoes when I watched this video from Diane von Fürstenbürg's Spring Collection (see Inspiration page for the link) and the actual shoes were quite faraway so they looked like different ones. So I picked up that idea and kind of turned it into two differnt shoes (not entirely on purpose XD).

So this first pair is the one I like better. At the top it has a leathery part which kind of looks like the top part of this one. and then it goes down and has a biiiiig plateau...
In advance I apologize to anyone who might ever have to wear these shoes-I do not wish to encourage foot problems but the concept of plateaus is just too awesome to leave untouched! :D

The laces are what makes these shoes so awesome-they are broad and neon colored (totally my style XD) and they basically spice up the otherwise grey shoe. And the good part is-you can always change color!! :D

And these ones on the right are very similar only that the heel is a little different so the plateau kind of extends until further back-this doesn't change much to the comfort of the shoes but I think it would also look kind of cool :D
Have a nice rest of the day!
xoxo Alex

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