Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pocket Watch

Hi my dearest, loyal readers. Don't worry, I've not been in a car crash, I've not ditched everything and moved to Jamaica, I'm still here. I've been terribly busy and I know that sounds like a stupid excuse but sometimes you get so pissed off because you only have half  an hour freetime that you could use for drawing every day that you just don't. But that has changed lately and I'm happy to report that I've actually been quite productive! I really missed the hours of listening to good music, being in your own world, alone and now I have them back and they make me happy.
I spent the last two days basically drawing the clockwork mechanism of 4 English pocket watches from the 19th century. I found them in this book with all kinds of other beautiful clocks and watches which are really fascinating because the book also explains how they work :O Here's my favorite one of the four :)
I promise I will carry on posting work here, just be patient with me from time to time <3
xoxo Alex

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