Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laced High-heels inspired by Native American Patterns

Hi! I hope you're all having a nice Thursday evening, I certainly am :D I'll be enjoying the next season of the Voice of Germany tonight so I definitely look forward to that! (Go team Rea! :D)
I don't know why but I took to enjoying drawing shoes-they are so nice, with logical shapes (at least from the side :D) and you can actually draw detailed patterns on them-even though it is very time consuming!
Today's design is of course a shoe and again it is a laced high-heel however it is pretty different from yesterday's.

Here you see the whole thing-and basically I used quite a simple system. I first had a simple, black laced shoe which ended just bellow the ancle. Then I decided that I wanted to make the heel and the tip in a different pattern and when I was finished I added the shaft. I love the concept of these shafts because they are so interesting in shaped because of their winkles but still kind of stand upright!

And yes-I know I promised to add a description of how I do my designs in the "About" section and will defiinitely do that later today still! So if you want to see that-it'll appear! :D
xoxo Alex

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