Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Market Scene finished piece

Yes I know-Market scene?! huuh what is she talking about?!
Well hear me out. As you might have guessed this is still the train illustration :D in the process of drawing this pic I decided that I had to change it. To understand this you need to know the different steps; so at first it was a photo, the train was in the middle and there was market on the left and right. Then I decided I would cut the market on the left because I didn't like that the train was in the middle and the left side was boring anyway. So then I started doing the pen marks and stuff and I realised, I didn't like the train either. Compared to the market scene it was boring and it totally messed up the composition... It made the picture way to square and "filled in". So I erased the train as well. Now I kind of had a cut where the market ended and the train started so I improvised some things there so it didn't look like a clean line. And I added some tiles at the bottom so that the picture would get that kind of "high on the right and low on the left" look :D 
Sometimes it is very interesting to see how pictures develop in the process of drawing but this actually happens quite often to me because I don't "plan" my pictures (even though I probably should because as you can see I'm quite picky with the composition XD)

Oh an I accidentally klicked the reverse color button in the photo editing programm and I liked the chalky look this gave the drawing so put it in hear to show you as well ;)
xoxo Alex

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