Sunday, July 21, 2013

Haaaapppy BIRTHDAY BLOOOOG! and bye byee...

I just opened blogger today and somewhere it told me how many post I have posted and  I was like-wait whaaaat?! Go check in the archive section-the number 365!!! :D Which means-that this blog is officially a year old!!
Thank you everyone who supported me and stuck with me through the best and worst posts, you guys know who you are.... I love you all! :D
But now-I have to say nice as it was posting for you all the time....BAZINGA! nope you're not rid of me yet...well just for a short time anyway cuz I am going on holidaaay! :) The next 3 weeks I won't be around my computer so no posts from me until then!
Howeeever-just so you don't kill yourself in despair when I'm gone :P-I asked my an awesome arty friend of mine if she wanted to take over the blog  until then...and well-you guys are lucky; she will! so get ready for awesome posts from Christina! <3
Anyway-wish you all the best and see you in 3 weeks! 
xoxo Alex

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  1. Haha, did you even look up what "arty" means? :P


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