Sunday, July 7, 2013

Coke Can finished piece

Good afternoon everyone :) After all the late night posts I'm pretty early today :D
So here's the fnished coke can for you! I'm not sure whether I like it because well, what I was trying to do when I was drawing it, was to seperate it into different color regions and then shade each region evenly. This  only worked to a certain extent as the different lines of the ballpoint pen gave the regions a rough kind of texture and with all the different shades and textures, the whole can is pretty unsettled.
By the way-contrary to the pictures here-the ballpoint pen is black. I only always change the color for these posts because I think the photos look better in sepia as there is not that stab of blue which always magically appears on my photos (if anyone has any tipps on what to do against that please please please tell me! ;)
xoxo Alex

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