Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stern Girl finished piece

Hi guys :D So finally it has been done :D She is finished....
I'm not exactly sure whether I like it or not. The whole composition is kind of messed up because her dress is so dark, her face so light, the floor so colorful and bold and then the windows behind her soft again...Contrast-yes okay-but then they need to be spcaed out and not like here-dark at the bottom light at the top....I guess I could just make it darker at the top but then again I would probably make it worse so I'll just leave it as it is XD
It is so weird when you've been working on one of your pieces for so long and then in the don't like it...
Ah wel the next will be better (and definetely not of someone wearing a black dress! XD)
xoxo Alex

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