Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photography Report 7:Composition-the rule of thirds

Hi there :D
Sooo today we are going to look at composition and the most important thing to remember here is that rules are made to be broken.
But one first has to know the rules to break them right? :P
 We will start the whole series about composition with the rule of thirds. It is actually really simple and most cameras even have the option to put lines on the display showing you where the thirds are.
What you basically do is put the prominent object, whether it is a face, a church tower, a tree, the end of a tunnel, a door-whatever it is you are taking a picture of, not in the center of the photo but a little bit to the right or left so that the picture is divided into thirds. For some weird reason often this can help to make the picture look more interesting and guide the gaze of the viewer. Deciding on whether to put the object on the left or right is usually completly natural but sometimes there are some other things which you don't want in the picture on one side, or if you have a face looking to the side it usually looks better if you make it look into the picture and not out.
Here I divided the photo into thirds so you see what I mean :D
I tried this rule on different scenes today in Essen and here are the results!
The old Synagoge in Essen
I don't like this one as much-it is the Deutsche Bank in Essen
My favorite of the three-a scene near Hauptbahnhof in Essen-For some reason I can't make it bigger ...
But as you can see from the photos above that is it not that easy to decide which is better so you should definetely try out everything and then settle for the one you like best!
Have fun experimenting!
xoxo Alex

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