Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photography Report-double exposure :D

Hi there :D I still owe you a photography report this weekend :P
Because lots of you like this pic so much, I decided to do a kind of tutorial for it :D
The concept is called double exposure and it originally came from analog photography. Everytime you forgot (or in the present tense for all you hipsters :P) forget to move on the film (can you say that in english?!) further on before taking the next picture, you ended up with two pictures together :D If you do it right you can achieve a great effect!
In the times of digital photography, you can easily recreate this effect by putting two different photos on different layers in photoshop (or for those who don't want to spend that much money ;D) and then changing the opacity of the top layer. This way you can also influence how much you want to see of each picture...
The trick to this is that you take one picture with a prominent object and then one which is more like a texture, or a background so that it kind of fits together :D But most of all you have to experiment and you'll always get something good! :D

Some of these pics are part of a different series I shot today-I promise they'll appear here soon too! :D
xoxo Alex

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