Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photography Report 8 (I think XD) : taking photos of pets/animals

If you have been following me for sometime now, you will know that I have about 10 billion pictures of our cats...and some of other animals....but mostly cats ;)
Soooo-today I'm going to give you a few tipps on how these pictures of your beloved pets or zoo animals or wild animals will turn out best!
Rule no.1: Basically the most important thing is that both you and the animal are comfortable. You can never force an animal to be cute and calm so that you can take pictures of it. If it runs away, then try it another time. The worst thing you can do is chase after it and force it to be on the picture some how. The pictures won't turn out well and it is not good for your relationship either :) By the way-food is always a good motivation ;)

 Rule no. 2 Go down so that you are on eye level with the cat or the dog or whatever it is you are taking a picture of. Nothing is worse than a great view on the top of the head and fur. Noo-you want the face and you can only get that, if you meet the animal down there.

Rule no. 3 Do it a lot. As with all things-it takes time until you get the hang of them. For the animal and for you. For example at the beginning Salsa (The cutie pie below ;D) was really scared of the camera and the noises it makes but now she doesn't give a damn. :) Also if you do it a lot at some point you will know when the animal is "in the mood" and if this is so-taking pictures is way more easy!
Rule no. 4 A high shutter speed is often desirable as well. If the animal does something awfully cute and then your picture is blurred you will be furious! So  simply use a high shutter speed from the beginning and this won't happen to you! :D

 Rule no. 5: Experiment with settings, colors, positions, lightings everything. A sleeping cat will essentially always be and look like a sleeping cat, you don't need 10 pictures of that. You can have endless fun with animal pictures, if you always come up with new ideas. You could try giving the animal some kind of prop-anything you can think of.

Anyway-I hope this helps and I can't wait seeing your awesome animal photos! ;)
xoxo Alex

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