Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photography Report 8: Experimenting with Back-Light

Hi everyone :D
The idea for this photography came from a photograph. The other cat (not the red one who is so photogenic, but the black one who is always difficult to get on pictures because he is so shy and you can never really see much because of the lack of contrasts in his fur...) was being awfully cute the other night on my desk so I took the camera and started taking pictures. It was dark outside and my desk light was on so there was very unusual lighting and in some pictures, where Floyd was sniffing the lense, the camera pointed into the light...
something intrigues me about this picture...nothing is sharp apart fromt he light circles and for somereason it is kind of cool don't you think?
So I carried on experimenting with back lit pictures which is something all of you ought to do 'cause it is so fun and you can take awesome artistic pictures using it! :D
If you keep your lens hood on (the thing which you can screw on and off at the front of your camera XD) you will have more of the circles you can see on the photos that I took-while if you don't want that kind of artistic effect you can reduce them using the lens hood.

Here are some more shots :D So have fun experimenting and I'd love to see your results! ;)
xoxo Alex

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