Monday, December 16, 2013

Indian Cow, the second

At school today I was sitting in class, thinking about what to draw (it helps me concentrate-I promise! :D) and I wanted to try to draw what I drew yesterday, but from memory. Drawing from memory is something really really hard for me because usually I do some research before I draw and find photo references. When you draw from memory, those references are in your head. What is really cool though, is that often, if you draw a specific object from a photo you look at it very closely, think about the proportions, how it all fits together-if you do this conciously, it is much easier to then recreate that afterwards. Basically that means, you should be drawing what you see all the time so that later when you draw something on your own, you have those visual references in your head and the drawing pops out of nowhere. Isn't that such a cool thought? Later when you've studied hundreds of different objects, you have like a database in your head ;)
oh and because my awesome, socially and politically engaged friend, was sitting next to me, I adden the nike sneaker ;)
xoxo Alex

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