Thursday, December 12, 2013

Typography/Lettering Series-Adventure is not outside man

Sooo after yesterdays struggle I finally managed to write this quote. It is a lot simpler and different from what I had planned, but for some reason I still like it. After yesterdays experience, it became a lot clearer to me, why people study this stuff. It looks so simple, but I can promise you there is an incredible amount of work behind these kind of writings.
If you want to catch up on some reading about typography, I found some awesome articles, here and here. As I will be carrying on with research throughout this series, I'll be posting some links to helpful rescourses. I'm really actually starting to like this kind of creative work. It takes quite a bit of skill with technology, creativity and as we saw yesterday-a lot of endurance because at least for me it is pretty frustrating sometimes...
So anyway-enjoy the rest of your day! 
xoxo Alex

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