Saturday, December 14, 2013

Typography Series: Physics Quote

So I don't know, some of you might have noticed thta I like Physics. Today's quote is a physics quote. But an awesome :D It is by Einstein and even though I know, usually this blog is in English, I can't quote from Einstein in English. That would be weird. But the quote means something like 'When talking to a girl, 2 hours seem like a minute. When you sit on a hot oven for one minute, it seems like 2 hours. That's relativity.'
So here it is :D I did most of it with a 'coca cola font' which I found on the web. It is pretty cool actually, the only problem is, it can't to some German letters like the ä or the ß for example... so I had to improvise on those XD I think the dots on the 'a's worked pretty well, but the 'ß' was a fail. ah, well.
I should put this on a T-shirt and then wear it to my Physics exams. That would be pretty awesum! Aren't you proud how early I am today by the way?
xoxo Alex

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