Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sleeping Beauty-finished piece!

I warned you. This was an experiment. And I told you I wasn't done yet with a part of the picture. So here it is :D
So let's talk this over a little bit. So without the dude, the picture looked nice. Like the elegant good looking niceness (At least that was what I was trying to achieve..) The dude partly destoyed that and I was aware of this effect before I glued him in. But on the other hand, now that the dude is there, I feel like the picture has a message, a meaning (sorry to the guys by the way :D It is just easier to make sleeping beauties girls-the message goes both ways though! :D). There is always the risk, is adding a meaning worth making it look worse? And in this case-I decided yes. Because few people are going to remember a picture of a girl in a ballet dress lying on the ground looking...dramatic. More people will rememember it, if it has a meaning, even though it might look worse....Am I making sense? I hope so ;) Tell me what you think!
xoxo Alex
PS: I think I have to mention this-copyright and stuff-the photo of the guy is from here!

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