Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Okay I  have to say, maybe this sounds a dramatic, but it is true (!) that I learned a lot about myself when drawing this picture.
While drawing her, I kept having the feeling that I identified myself with her a lot. For some reason I think in that moment I felt exactly the way she does. I might even still. This is something new for me, she is different from the others. And when I realised that, I looked at the other drawings I did previously of girls like here or even here. I noticed that in a way those are the kind of girls I looked up to, the ones I try to be like. Confident, different, positive. Maybe this is how I imagine others see me. But what I realised drawing this picture, is that at the moment this is much more the person I really am. Now I agree-it sounds weird and cheesy and horrible but it's true...
I don't know, maybe it is just to me that this picture means so much and when you look at it your just like, ah-she's just the same as the others-but for me...I don't know..she is different. Special.
xoxo Alex
(you know how hard it is to press 'publish' right now?)

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