Monday, August 5, 2013

Travel Sketchbook Airport Drawing Part 1

Heeeeey everyone! I'm back! :D well kind of anyway-I was home for a day and then I went again but because I was actually productive (!) during my stay in Prague I have these Travel Sketchbook entries for you <3 
So anyway, we'll start of with airport drawings :) Now if you ever tried it, you'll know that sketching people in public areas is kind of creepy. You always have everyone glaring at your paper expecting you to be some kind of pro, when actually your just a kid drawing weird portraits of the people aournd you. Or at least that's how I feel when doing it it. Is that a good thing do you think? I mean it does certainly help you if you have issues showing you work to people because you just take out the sketchbook and BOOM everyone is watching. Or do I just imagine that?
The sunglasses are pretty messed up, I know I know, but the guy was moving all the time so it was impossible to get them right!! XD
xoxo Alex

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