Thursday, August 1, 2013

Takeover Day 11 - Random lineart, sketches and other suff

No, I didn't forget you guys, how could I?
I just procrestinated for like forever and now that I didn't draw anything presentable today I had to look through my old stuff to find some drawings I could post. 
Most of it is just lineart or unfinished things and I don't really like them, but whatever.
I just loooove robins. They're my favourite birds I think. Aren't they just super cute? ^_^
Okay, I don't even know what this is. It's just weird. Like a guitar-flower or something xD
Something  I drew in art class some months ago....
Haha, Alex is gonna hate this xD She always complains about me making too many lines while sketching :P

WIP of  Sebastian Bach. I had no idea how I could make the hair look naturalistic, so I just left it unfinished.
I should give her a face actually.

I'm not really good at using a ballpoint for drawing. In my defence I have to say that I made this like 1 1/2 year ago, so I probably would do better now.
This one sucks. And that's logical because I drew it in like 3 minutes.

Sorry for all the crappy stuff. I really really hope that I manage to draw something better tomorrow or atleast finish some of those. long and prosper,
Christina :P

Edit: Wow, that was close. One minute later and it would have been too late xD

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