Sunday, August 4, 2013

Takeover Day 14 - Goodbye! :(

Hey guys! :)
This is the last day of the takeover; tomorrow you'll have Alex back *Yayy*
It was a lot of fun running this blog for the past two weeks, but I have to admit: that having to post something presentable every day is harder than I expected. 
Respect to Alex for doing this for one complete year!
I hope you liked my art and if you are interested in seeing some more of it in the future, you can check out my deviantART-accout (Sorry for the self-advertisement, Alex :P).

Okay, for the last day I wanted to have something really, really cool for you and I really wanted to finish yesterday's alien, but my lovely gimp-programm decided today that it would be a good idea to refuse to connect with my graphic tablet -.-'
So sorry guys: No alien.

The only thing I can offer you is a linocut of Hayley Williams I made in art class some time ago and a Synyster Gates WIP. Sooooorry.

The face is kinda messed up, I know -.-'

Soooo...thanks for taking the time to look at my work!
By the way: I already had the chance to look at some of the drawings Alex is going to post over the next days and I can tell you: The look really cool ;)

Have a nice evening,

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