Sunday, August 25, 2013

Giveaway Results!!

Yaaay-I'm so excited! :D
My water pot for when I paint served a different purpose today. It held all the names of the awesome people who entered in the Birthday Giveaway! :D
Isn't it beautiful? :D As you can see it was a corn can. There's a story behind this one :D I have to tell you sometime but right now you're probably more interested in other things ;)
So our lucky fairy (kindly represented by brother :P) picked a winner from the can aaaaaaaaaand it is.....Selin E! Congrats! ;)
For all of you others-sorry, next time you'll have more luck! :D I'm sure we'll have another giveaway sometime ;) Maybe when we're at 500 posts or something!
xoxo Alex

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