Monday, November 3, 2014

Window Finished!

So hello everyone :) I'm back! It was truly a stressful week, with rather long stretches of internet free life (which is also nice once in a while) but it's good to be back. And here's a large part of what I've been doing this past week, just to catch you up a little ;) It's the biggest project I've done yet, and it was really a new experience. This is actually just paint on wood, it is the design for a window though. The parts which are white at the moment are the seethrough glass :)
 Thanks Christoph for the photo, I love it! :)
xoxo Alex


  1. Holy sh*t Alex!! That looks freaking insane! It's so crazy to see how far you've come... Also I obviously really love the window design you came up with ;P Miss you way too much <3

    1. awww, <3 I love you, you know that? :) I know, it's so weird to see it in so big! I miss you too, but not long until the team's reunited <3


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