Thursday, May 1, 2014


I said yesterday that I wanted to make a more sophisticated illustration-here's the beginning. It took quite a while to the proportions right because of her head which is slightly tilted forward making the whole face appear shorter...
Just one thing I have no clue with (and I'm counting on your help here guys!) the medium-I don't think I want to leave it in pencil-I think it often looks unfinished...With ballpoint pen I've been having a little dispute with myself because I like it a lot as you know but lately I think the sketches have been losing quite a bit of expression when I went in with pen...If you scroll through the last few weeks of posts, many of them appear unfinished to me. I don't know whether my technique has changed or my style so it doesn't fit anymore, but I think I'm searching for something new to try... (it's so sad! :O) any ideas?
So anyway, I wish your all a great rest of the evening ;)
xoxo Alex

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