Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Banner Initial Sketch

So um, I did an initial sketch today. It took 45 minutes.
So I started off with a mind map of what I wanted to get in, then I searched for some reference photos (which was hard) until I had my basic elements and then it took about 20min to work out this setting plan. Yes, I had to manipulate the photo quite a bit so you can see something, the pencil lines are quite faint.
I still can't believe this took so long. I kind of like the way it turned out though :D I wonder what this will look like in big ;)
I haven't figured out what materials I want the elements to be. I kind of want to do a collage, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do that :D
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I'm not sure whether I want to switch the bear at the bottom and thise people with the sign. I bothers me a little that the bear is right in the middle, but Something has to be in the middle. This is hard :O
xoxo Alex

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