Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photography Report 3-ISO Speed

The ISO Speed is something where I always thought-"God that is much to complicated for me"...but actually what you need to know is quite simple.
I could (well actually I couldn't because I don't know that  much about it) launch into a discussion about image noise and what it does and why it occurs but then again-to take awesome photos you don't need to know. (and if you do want to know-you can find everything here)
ISO detemines the camera's sensitivity to incoming light meaning that the photo can be made lighter and darker just by changing the ISO speed. However, you will nearly never actually want to change your ISO speed settings because a higher ISO Speed will increase your image noise. It is difficult to describe what image noise actually is but if you look at these two photos you will see.
Low image Noise-low ISO-speed
High image noise-high ISO Speed
You can see it best when you look at the table on the left-it is not actually the wooden color but for some reason there are a lot of blue and yellow spots in it. This is basically the image noise and if you're not aiming for this certain affect you almost always want to avoid it.
This means that it is best to always keep your ISO-Speed as low as possible and try to achieve the desired exposure with the apeture and shutter speed settings!
I hope this was helpful! 
xoxo Alex

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