Thursday, May 30, 2013

Germany's next topmodel (in the cat league :P)

 So while all of you people (or lot's of you anyway) are drooling of the final of Germany's Next Topmodel (but the normal one) I hereby present you the self-appointed winner of GNTM in the cat league :D

And I have to tell you-it was so funny when I took these photos because she was sitting on the living room carpet and I was lying in front of her with the camera. It was so amazing how she moved in all these different poses, started cleaning herself, twisting turning, looking into the camera, looking away, changing positions...It was simply adorable to watch and I an immense amount of pictures...She is seriously ridiculously photogenic...
xoxo Alex


  1. these are THE most adorable photos of her <3

  2. yeees-and she is like THE most adorable cat <3 :P


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