Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cat Pics

As a matter of fact I can tell you exactly why maintaining daily posts on this blog has been so difficult. The lack of routine in my life right now makes it difficult for me to keep up with drawing. I managed to finish school and never miss a day before exams and whatever-no problem. There I had a plan. I had a routine. At the moment I'm improvising, doing what need to be done, when it needs to be done. All I can say is-I'm so sorry. When this whole chapter of my life has been resolved and I'm well settled into a new routine this will change again but until then, please bear with you. Meanwhile here's an all time favorite of yours ;)

I love this picture :D She is so attentive and awesome! <3
xoxo Alex

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  1. Don't worry!! As much as I love your daily posts, I totally understand that they're kinda impossible to maintain at the moment! We're all in a similar situation, none of us really knows what we're doing and where all of this is gonna lead us, so don't stress out about it! Anyways, a pic of your cat ALWAYS makes everything better! ;D <3


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