Friday, November 29, 2013

Exhibition tomorrow!

I have to confess, I don't have a drawing for you today-but I have two freakin' awesome announcements, so I hope that counts as a good replacement :D
I've already hinted at the first, but now here's your official invitation!
So I'm taking part in a group exhibition at our school tomorrow! (For all you people in the area-Goetheschule, Ruschenstraße 1 in Essen, Germany, I would love for you all to come!)
We'll exhibiting some finished works and some live painting is going to be going on AND we're selling awesome christmas cards so it is definetely worth a visit! :D If you're not in the area or able to come-I'll remember my camera and will be posting photos! :D
and theeeen, I just found out today that I was chosen to exhibit my work in the 3rd annual European Jugendkunstausstellung, which is an exhibition held at the famous Zeche Zollverein here in Essen. It was a little mindblowing finding out today but I'm just so happy and honored and wwaaaah XD can't really believe it yet! So anyway, I love you lots and I can't wait for tomorrow! :)
xoxo Alex

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