Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photography Report no.2-aperture

Yay! It's time for the next photography report! :P
This time I'm going to tell you all about what I learned about aperture today.
So basically it is simple-the aperture setting determines how much of your lenses is exposed to light and therefore how much light enters into the camera.
The aperture of your camera is described by the so called f-stop value. If this f-stop value is low, less of the camera's lens is covered (and more light is "stopped"). If it is high then alot of the lens is covered.
Typical f-stop values for compact cameras range between 2-8 while SLR-cameras with portrait lenses can go up to 32.
The aperture is important when one talks about the depth of field in a photo. When the f-stop value is high, the depth of field is quite low meaning that things close to the camera are sharp while things far away appear blury.  For a low f-stop value the depth of field is greater meaning that things in front as well as things in the back are sharp.
Here are two examples-
High f-stop value
Low f-stop value
This means that usually for landscape photos or long distance shots you would use a low f-stop value while when you want to highlight a prominent object or face in the foreground you would use a high f-stop value.

The apeture should not be confused with the focus by the way, this is just a different feature you can use to create a similar effect. I will tell you all about that when we have finished with the exposure settings!
xoxo Alex

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